I tried to register myself with this agency. I was advised to send in my CV, which I did via their online website and to an individual consultant.

I was informed that I would get a call back the same in the afternoon. I waited the whole day, no callback, I waited the next morning, no call back. So I decided to call them. Here I am again trying to speak to the person that deals with the area I live in and all I keep getting told is she is on the other line, she is busy, she said she will call me back.

Its been a whole week now, no a single call from the agency. I rang them again today, and was advised I will get a call back.

This is all so unprofessional, not even a courtesy call to say sorry we haven't got back to you, or even if they want to say we cannot deal with you due to lack of something would be fine. But to not hear from them at all is just completely ludicrous.

I would stay away from this agency as I think its all a scam and a load of unprofessionals who don't know what the *** they are doing.

Heed my advice and stay well away, Im not happy!

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Salford, England, United Kingdom #885574

Beware of Teacher Active theg are very pleasant when you sign up and primise you the world but they are nasty and are very rude and unprofessional

Rochdale, England, United Kingdom #885571

They keep sending me out to cover classes in high schools and some are P.E which the school sports coach is expecting a qualified Pe teacher the pay is bad and they pressurize you to say you will go back to the school even if its 22miles out

Manchester, England, United Kingdom #885570

Ive just registered with them and they told ne theres lors of work local but keep sending me 12/15 miles away and say ut may be longterm they are big liars and dont ecen tell you the distance say its not to far really fed up this week as they are very rude t.

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